Coffee Shop

Come on, just saying.

I see you girl at the coffee shop that always remembers my order, even if I don’t remember her name.  I go there almost every day and she’s at the coffee shop almost every time I go.  I see you kid at the grocery store that knows not to overload my bags.  Because I’d rather make one more trip to the car.  Then have an overloaded bag burst on the stairs,  sending fruit,  eggs, and milk everywhere.   They quietly go through their day, doing all those little things we forget to notice.  Until the day he’s not there.  I’m cleaning up some strange fruit omelet off my stairs cause that kid wasn’t there today.   I make a mental note to look for him, ask him if I don’t see him.

To thank those quiet heroes (yeah I used that word), by remembering that girl’s name at the coffee shop. by saying it out loud to her when I saw her.   It made her smile, it made her light up even brighter, so glad I took a minute.

I see you.

I love you all.  Enjoy life, all of it

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